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Attention Out-of-State Visitors

You Can Be Husband & Wife
In Just A Matter Of Hours!

Get Married Within 24 Hours
Or Less Right Here At Our Chapel!

Make your visit to central Florida
truly memorable with a beautiful
chapel wedding ceremony.

For years, Las Vegas has been known as the wedding capital of the country due to Nevadaís uncomplicated wedding laws. What many people arenít aware of is that Floridaís very liberal wedding laws are virtually the same as Nevadaís. This makes getting married here in central Florida just as easy as getting married in Las Vegas. Thatís why we are able to offer out-of-state visitors a beautiful wedding ceremony right here at our chapel within 24 hours or less.

And by the way, itís very easy for non-Florida residents to get a Florida license-to-marry. Thereís no waiting period, no blood tests, and no detailed applications to fill out.

Not only that. Once youíve procured your license-to-marry, you can be married immediately. Whatís even better is that we are often able to arrange it so that you can come directly from the courthouse to our chapel for a very beautiful wedding.

So if you are planning a trip to central Florida and would like to get married while you are here, let us help you with a beautiful and memorable ceremony and a special day youíll never forget.